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Galeria w Kutna
Kutna Hora Gallery of Naive Art, Husova 142/20, Kutna Hora, 284 01, Czech Republic
The international exhibition of naive art

April 1, 2016, 18:00
Jan Skorko - Art Gallery Organizator - Jan Skorka

Jan Skorka
Kutna Hora Przyglądamy się miasteczku (może trochę pozwiedzamy)
otwarcie wystąpienia na otwarcie:
Make art. not war..presentation delivered by Sybilla Golec ..Poland
-Art. is the expression of our souls, which is evidence that we have higher feelings that we feel compelled to express.
It is meaningkesss if all we have is the aility to ape reality (itself an illusion) , coping no more than what we see.
At present, there are many painters who produce the illusion of reality ut this is not art because there is no feeling. Sometimes astraction is similiar to music and theatre. These are life and this is what matters.
This is what makes the works of Nikifor, Ociepka, Seraphine, Rousseau and the painters of Haiti so powerful, they touch our heart in unexpected ways.
The art. of children is essentially the same as that of a wild, naive and distured people. It is the pure expressionj of soul which is not controlled b y notions of coherence. Sometimes it does not conflict with the demands of reality. Caravaggio and Rembrant were great despite their workshops ..This was understood y Modigliani, Chagall, Picasso, Klee and Miro..Ignorance about the nature of art. tends to make people feel insecure..ut we lesten to music without words..we respond to symphonies. We should e taught at school not to loose the aility to feel with maturity, which unfortunatelly happens.
Therefore, in a view of conscious artists, whether they paint more visionary work, what they want to communicate is strong feeling.
That is, the transformation of spiritual experience into beauty, mood and sense. Painting, as someody said, is a piece of raw material which in the hands of a creator becomes a piece of magic.

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