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Adwent w Podkowie Leśnej 2018 Matka Sybillianizmu pracuje nad wspomnieniami
Poniżej prezentujemy próbkę (czasy spotkań z Kim Landers)
Anna Hilgier my friend also teacher from Polsih Academy of Sciences said: Why dont you move out to Warsaw and find a job in one of the privite schools that were set up in freee Poland.You can stay with my I have a big flat 4 rooms in Chlodna husband had just left me so I would be pleased to have you araound. I took the proposition without any hesitation.
Later on she found me a job as a transator of Lars von Trier who came to Polsna in November to make4 a film EUROPA.. I spent 6 weeks with him travelling all over Poland and made a lot of money..I highy recomment this film It was given lots of reward in Cannes in 1992...
Hur5ra....On my way to the specialist of spine massage I lost myself in a deep forest. I was 8 o'clcok and the beaches wewre deserted ..nobody to ask the way..Suddenly i was in a mood of must. I had to go to the toilet immiadaitelly.I had to act quickly as the shit was coming out and..and i was in the middle of the beach..had to do it..was unigue..Valentine shit with a view on the Baltic sea at 8 am The sea was stormy....The morningt shit in a standing position was a challenge...I could bent my knee. I have a defect in my left knee. I did this in a standing position and admired the stormy sea...Oh what an advantage.

Świnoujście 2020
The massage man told me that people with arthritist should not go to the sea resorts in winter time as the humidity as very high and intorable fo the desease.
My sanatorium was a life mistake..I( had pains all over. If I wanted or not I have to stay here as it is paind by the National Health Service and you have to be obident patient. You have to waKE UP at seven ao clock and follow the daily routine.
First you have to pu your legs in cold solted water and wait ten minutes. I could do it at is rediculous.
What can you do in a place which is not your place? Swinoujscie in winer is sad and windy ..and walking on the beach is not fun at all.
We will go to the Dancing Party at 7 pm with julia and Hania. Maybe there will be Disco Polo that I hate..but never mind..You have to accept what is and try not to complain.

Beata, Kim and Krystyna